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Tazo Green Tea Matcha Latte Concentrate (Case of 12)

Tazo Green Tea Matcha Latte Concentrate (Case of 12)

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This Tazo green tea matcha latte concentrate (1:1) makes it easy to create coffee-shop-quality lattes. It offers a unique, smooth-sipping experience by blending classic matcha and green tea with real fruit flavors such as peach, apple, and honeydew. The combination results in a refreshing and mild matcha tea with a sweet, fruity kick. Use it with Planet Oat Extra Creamy Oat Milk for the perfect oat milk matcha latte!




Up to 12 months unopened. 7-10 days after opening, refrigerated.


A well-loved and trusted brand amongst consumers, Tazo specializes in bringing original, adventurous flavors to the market by adding new, unexpected ingredient twists to classic teas. They begin with sourcing the finest teas, botanicals, and spices from around the world to create their memorable blends, and finish with packaging them in easy-to-use tea bags and concentrates that can be incorporated into virtually any foodservice model. Whether looking to serve classic iced teas or customized lattes, Tazo has a solution for you.

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