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Planet Oat Extra Creamy Shelf-Stable Oat Milk (Case of 6)

Planet Oat Extra Creamy Shelf-Stable Oat Milk (Case of 6)

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Looking for a little extra creaminess? This one has you covered, offering all the rich, smooth, creaminess you can handle. Plus, this one can be kept in the pantry at room temperatures, saving some precious refrigerator space!




Up to 12 months unopened. 7-10 days after opening, refrigerated.


What's Planet Oat? For us, it's the place where the whole world revolves around oats. We're super passionate (some might say obsessed) with sharing the mighty little oat with you! Oats pack a lot of punch for such a small package and - most importantly - they're delicious! So to celebrate the awesomeness of this mighty little oat, we bring you this rich, creamy, full-bodied beverage that's dairy free, peanut free, soy free and gluten free. Bring us your glasses, cereal bowls, coffee, and smoothies, and let us show you what Planet Oat oatmilk can do for you!


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