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Orchard Splash

Orchard Splash Lemonade Concentrate 32oz (Case of 6)

Orchard Splash Lemonade Concentrate 32oz (Case of 6)

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Introducing Orchard Splash Lemonade, the embodiment of nostalgia captured in a carton. Be reminded of hot summer afternoons, homemade ice-cold pitchers and lemonade stands just by opening it. Made with real lemon juice and other natural ingredients, Orchard Splash Lemonade Concentrate is the zesty time-saving solution you’ve been looking for. 

  • Made with 12% real lemon juice
  • No artificial ingredients
  • 3:1 concentrate




Up to 12 months unopened. 7-10 days after opening, refrigerated.


You can trust us, we KNOW juice. In existence for over 25 years, Orchard Splash Beverages continues to make great quality aseptically processed juice-based beverages. Plus, our recyclable packaging ensures that you are making an eco-friendly, healthy and delicious choice.

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