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Hella Cocktails

Hella Cocktail Old Fashioned Premium Mixer (Case of 6)

Hella Cocktail Old Fashioned Premium Mixer (Case of 6)

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Hella Old Fashioned Mix makes it easy to mix a proper Old Fashioned that is delightfully well balanced. Combine mix and bourbon over ice, or substitute the classic bourbon cocktail recipe for any aged spirit like rum or tequila. 
  • Sold as a case of 6
  • 750ml bottles
  • Non-Alcoholic 
  • Gentian Root. Whole Spices.
  • Certified Non-GMO. 




Refrigerate after opening. Shelf life after opening: 6 weeks.  


Hella Cocktail Co is a brand of botanically inspired mixers and beverages crafted to elevate cocktail culture for everyone. Hella is made with real ingredients chosen with intention and no fake stuff.

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